Organized in 1985, the Keystone Regiment is a parade and performance drum and bugle corps. The corps’ usual performance sequence is to march a parade, and then return to a firehall, town square, or courthouse to give a short concert.

The Regiment is not a competitive field corps.  Its leadership is committed to providing a high-quality drum and bugle corps experience that still allows its members to have a life outside the corps. The group understands the need for members to hold jobs, go on vacation, or attend family events.

The Regiment is an all-age corps, meaning members are both students and adults. In fact, in any given year, there are usually several combinations of parents and teens in the corps.  Parents are always welcome to get involved in the corps as performers or in support roles.

The Regiment is also a low-cost drum corps. The corps supplies its members with a bugle or drums, but brass players should provide their own mouthpieces, and drummers should bring a pair of marching sticks or mallets for rehearsal. The group will supply gloves, a uniform shirt, shako hat and plume. Members supply their own black shoes, black socks, and black pants.

The Keystone Regiment is planning a schedule for the summer of 2020 that will take its members all over Central Pennsylvania, with parades and performances in Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, and Huntingdon Counties. The corps’ repertoire will be primarily classic pop/rock tunes, with some patriotic music, as well.

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